About Us

Heritage Brandy


The Blagojević Distillery is located in Svrljig, established in 2019, representing a logical continuation of the long tradition of brandy production, which the Blagojević family has been involved in for 5 generations.

The Blagojević Distillery owns 35 hectares of fruit orchards. With around 30,000 plum trees in southeastern Serbia, near Svrljig, their fruit orchard and the plums on it experience one of the latest ripening periods in the country every year. By waiting for the plums to fully ripen, they reach their highest quality for processing. Utilizing fruit from their own orchards, processing it under the highest hygiene standards, distilling it in copper stills, and aging it in barrels made of Serbian oak, the Blagojević Distillery produces a premium product called Heritage Plum Brandy.

Tradition of Quality


For generations, the Blagojević family has been involved in fruit cultivation and the production of fruit brandy.

Over time, knowledge and secrets of maintaining healthy fruit orchards and distilling high-quality fruit brandy have been passed down from generation to generation. 

After a certain period, the Blagojević family embarked on realizing a long-standing dream – to offer exceptionally high-quality fruit brandy to the market of our country, making it accessible to everyone so that everyone could enjoy the heritage of our culture, in Serbian plum fruit brandy.

The Journey to the Brand

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Domestic Production


Heritage Brandy continues the tradition of quality. Edition 3 serves as an introduction to high-quality plum brandies, Edition 5 represents a premium plum brandy that has aged for two more years in the barrel and contains an additional variety of plum, while Edition 8, as an exclusive brandy, stands at the top of our offerings, a limited series of plum brandy blended from our finest brandies – rated and recognized with prestigious gold medals for quality.