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We inherited it from our ancestors, infused it with all our knowledge, and proudly bequeath it to future generations.

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Blagojević Distillery

For generations, the Blagojević family has been involved in fruit cultivation and brandy production. Over time, knowledge and secrets of maintaining healthy fruit orchards and distilling high-quality fruit brandy have been passed down from generation to generation.


Blagojević Distillery


Brandy demands time, dedication, passion, and constant presence. We have encapsulated all these elements along with genuine quality into our bottles.

This brandy, aged for a minimum of 3 years in barrels made of Serbian oak, derived from 2 varieties of plums, serves as a ticket to the realm of premium plum brandies.


Premium brandy, aged for 5 years in oak barrels, crafted from a blend of 3 plum varieties, repeatedly honored with gold medals for its quality.


Exclusive brandy, aged for 8 years in oak barrels, a blend of 4 plum varieties, released in small, limited batches, representing a blend of our finest brandies.


The premium quality, distinct aromatic notes, and typical character classify this brandy, derived from indigenous varieties of Leskovac and Vranje quince, at the very top of our range.


Quality Tradition

Production Process

We are one of the few distilleries with a fully integrated production process, “From Plum to Glass.”

Fascinating Facts About Brandy

Plum is the Queen of All Brandies

Brandies are categorized based on the fruit from which they are made or the ingredients added during production, such as certain herbs, juniper berries, and similar. In this regard, we have plum brandy, also known as slivovitz, apricot brandy, quince brandy, grape brandy, herbal brandy, juniper brandy, and so on. However, since many brandies like herbal and juniper brandies have plum brandy as their base, we can confidently say that plum brandy is the queen of all brandies. Only royal brandies can withstand being in contact with oak for up to thirty years.

Blagojević Distillery

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