We own our own plantation with around 30,000 plum trees, situated at an altitude of 600m. Our late harvest gives us a comparative advantage in terms of the aromatic complexity of the fruit itself. With strictly controlled protection and optimal harvesting at full maturity, we ensure high-quality input fruit because “Brandy is created in the orchard.”


Fruit Processing

The preparation and processing of fruit occur just a few hours after harvesting, allowing for minimal losses while maintaining the fruit’s freshness and protecting it from spoilage. The plum processing involves pitting, fine grinding, and treatment with selected yeasts and other necessary enological agents.


Fermentation and Distillation

The fermentation process takes place in closed tanks under controlled conditions regarding temperature and hygiene, with constant monitoring of fermentation parameters. Distillation occurs in copper stills, under the strict supervision of technologists and an experienced team of workers, utilizing the latest advancements in the production of strong alcoholic beverages.



Our plum brandies exclusively mature in barrels made of domestic oak, ranging from 3 to 8 years depending on the batch. We believe that the brandy cellar reflects the essence of every distillery.



After maturation, blending, and equalization, the brandy completes its journey into the bottle. We offer a wide range of packaging options, from 50ml to 1000ml glass bottles, as well as innovative packaging in 30ml sachets. With a constant stock and the ability to respond to every customer’s request promptly, we ensure customer satisfaction.



Finally, the brandy concludes its journey in a glass, eagerly awaiting the consumer to showcase the full splendor of authentic Serbian plum brandy. We have crafted it, now it’s your turn to enjoy it.